My name is Riley Tedrow. I’m a PhD candidate in the Case Western Reserve Department of Biology and an Officer Candidate in the US Navy Medical Service Corp. My current research focuses on operational tools for malaria vector surveillance in Madagascar. Click the instagram button for colloquial content.


Upcoming engagements:


Past engagements:

11/10/2018 Cleveland, OH: TEDx – Stories Untold

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11/2018 New Orleans, LA: American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

10/2/18: CMNH Inside Science Series @4pm – The Malarious Mosquitoes of Madagascar

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7/21/18: March for Science CLE @ 11am –  The Role of Science in the Military

7/18/18: Fox 8 New Day Cleveland – Avoiding mosquitoes this summer

7/13/18 Uptown, CLE @1pm: Science Panel on  Vaccines

7/5/18 @ 7pm CT: FB live with Ask an Entomologist