Domestic Eradication of Malaria

Few people know that malaria was a prevelant and deadly disease in the United States. The local vector is Anopheles quadrimaculatus, a mosquito that persists across the Eastern half of the country. In the US of today, there are far too few parasites (cases in the US today are acquired abroad) to give these mosquitoes …

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Anopheles mascarensis – First Genetic Info Released 

Anopheles mascarensis - First Genetic Info Released Anopheles mascarensis is emerging as an important secondary vector of malaria in Madagascar. Today we released the first online deposition of a DNA sequence for this species, an important step for gaining a taxonomic understanding of what likely represents more than a single species. Numerous mosquitoes,  morphologically indistinguishable, …

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Anopheles funestus – A flying terror

The most important vector in Madagascar. This single species is responsible for the deaths of an unfathomable number of people. It acts as a highly efficient vector due to its high anthropophily (tendency to feed on humans), its particular susceptibility to Plasmodium (the parasite that causes malaria) infections, and its propensity for breeding en mass …

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